Monday, December 26, 2011

The Neck's Big Thing!

Good Evening Everyone,its Monday December 26,2011! 

  No Snow here and I'd have to admit that's a very good thing in my opinion! No snow on the ground makes life a bit more easier and cleaner traveling in the cold weather with a toddler ! However , I  do like the snow , especially when it's nightfall, dead quiet out and you peak out to see everything covered and sparkling with snow. This moment is solely contingent on the fact that I am looking out the window to enjoy the scenery and  not because the Town has placed an emergency Parking Ban requiring me to leave the comfort of my heated home to clean off and move my car at 11pm. 

  Anyways.. It's a fact, there's no snow on the ground at the moment,but I am still wearing plenty of items to stay warm this Winter. Gloves, Coats , Boots , Hats  and my Very Favorite Item, the Scarf! I love the fact that you can take an outfit from DULL to Fabulous  just by adding a darling Scarf. 

image obtained from

And there are so many ways to TIE a Scarf . 

image above from

Why not combine a great piece of Jewelry and Scarf together for a very fine duo?

Scarf by wuglyees

Round Black Earrings Oval Swirl Dark Gunmetal Handmade Beaded Lever Back
Earrings by CinLynnBoutique
 Since there are so many types of scarves , and patterns its a great opportunity  to really express your personal style. Did you know?  Scarves have been around since Ancient Rome where it was used to keep clean and used to wipe the sweat from the neck and face in hot weather. Scarves were originally worn by men around their neck or tied to their belt.Later women began using the scarf as fashion item. Today,people all over world today still enjoy wearing them.

    My heart has a special spot for  Vintage scarves. I often  find a beautiful scarves at the local thrift stores, Ebay, or my favorite the Occasional "Do you want this, I never wear it?" Gift! Check out these goodies , available on Etsy .

Vintage Scarf Shawl in Yellow Silk Paisley sold by LaBellaB

Vintage Vera Ladybug Scarf by

vintage 50's plaid wool scarf by yellowjacketvintage

Hopefully, I've inspired some of you folks to add a scarf or two to this week's attire or if your already planning to wear one, enjoy wearing it!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hey Walter, is it a Moustache or a Mustache?

  Well, according to Wikipedia the American version is Mustache. But if I was a Man,though I'm not and rather content and complete with that reality. But if was a Man, I would prefer to have a Moustache rather than a Mustache.Mustache, in my opinion  sounds kinda dull and takes out the mysteriousness and complexity of the Moustache. So for the sake of not wanting my blog to sound  Dull , in this post we will refer to the Mustache as Moustache.

   But before I start rambling, please forgive me for not remembering my manners. Greetings and a GOOD DAY! Its Sunday December 17,2011 and I hope your enjoying your weekend so far!

   Yesterday, my husband I spent sometime visiting his humorous  Grandparents. While we were enjoying our visit, we starting discussing the fact that there are so many types of Moustaches! His grandfather Walter, happens to have this very AWESOME and DISTINCT Moustache. Which impeccably fits his personality.My husband and I decided upon  Walter's mustache being called the the HOOK just like the pillow pictured below , but antiqued in a Silver tone.

 Apparently ,there exist many different kinds of Moustaches to fit every Mr.'s personality.There's the Chevron, similar to the one adorned by the famous Mr. Tom Selleck.

image from

  You also have the Natural, a Moustache that may be styled without any aids, the Horseshoe, The Toothbrush famously and horribly worn by Adolf Hitler,The Handlerbar and for the really creative Mr.Folk ,there's the Freestyle which is a moustache that does not match other classification.

 These are just a few of them ! And I'll let you discover the rest! :)But here some other interesting facts about the Moustache and also a spectacular Moustache Treasury List found on ETSY. Com that I created just for this !

Info below was from obtained  Wikipedia 


Shaving with stone razors was technologically possible from Neolithic times, but the oldest portrait showing a shaved man with a moustache is an ancient Iranian (Scythian) horseman from 300 BC.
In Western cultures women generally avoid the growth of facial hair; though some are capable, the majority of these women use some form of depilation to remove it. In rare circumstances, women may choose to embrace this growth, often in the form of thin moustaches. Mexican artist Frida Kahlo famously depicted herself in her artwork with both a moustache and a unibrow. This tradition is followed by some contemporary women in the arts.
Moustache spoon, Sheffield 1904, used in Victorian England to protect the then fashionable
moustaches while eating soup


They told me I gave the best milk mustache of anybody.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Choo Choo Calling All Engines,

Hello Everyone !! Its Thursday Dec.15,2011.
  I'm posting my very first Blog,Very Exciting!! It's rather cold here at home today and unfortunately the Sun is not shinning out.Instead, I've got this playing while writing my blog

Early In The Morning

by Gap Band
on The Gap Band IV

. I love Funk music, because it  always puts me in a pleasant mood , and my two yr son,Thomas loves funk too. "I dance MOMMA?" is what he always says as he motions for me to move our coffee table.:)
 While I'm on the subject of my two year old son Thomas. I wanted to share with you a Story, about one of his favorite things , Trains. He absolutely love trains.
                           (My son, Thomas)                                             

  Onetime  , he came up to me and said, " Mommy where's Coffee?" He's not allowed to drink coffee since he's only a little lad. :)so I explained to him that he was too young to drink coffee and he'd  have wait a few years. That answer however, didn't seem suit to him so he starting looking for something and keep repeating "Where's Coffee?" 
 Finally, he spots and picks up a train , a yellow train from Thomas and Friends, named Duncan and he brings it over me and says "This is Coffee!"   I smiled and say, "Oh I see, you were trying to find your train, Duncan."
Duncan, obtained from

 But the truth was ,I really didn't "See" or understand what he was asking for, not until a few days later..My son Thomas knew what he was asking for all along. He probably was thinking to himself... Yes, Mommy I know this is Duncan, just like the "Dunkin Donuts"  ground coffee beans sitting in our fridge. You know Mom, I am listening and remember what you say, everytime when I repeatedly ask 'What's this?' and point the coffee bag in fridge . So folks, I guess its true what were told all time, Children are listening ! And absorbing the "LILLY THINGS"  we say to them.And that is what I was thinking of this morning when I created this Treasury List from I Hope you Enjoy looking at all the wonderful items made from my fellow Esty artist  and the story as well !! Ciao,until we meet again! CHOOO CHOOOO!!!

Trains Galore